About Me

8 years of work experience, the companies I have worked for are all listed companies. I have a certain understanding and insight into project lifecycle management, agile development, DevOps, etc. With management experience and full-stack technical background, I can seamlessly cooperate with product, design, FE, testing, operation and maintenance and other positions. Strong learning ability, forward-looking thinking, and practical experience in the project for new trends such as AI and low code. Have good communication and teamwork skills, have contributed to and maintained multiple world-class projects (MDN/Element Plus/Ant Design Vue), and is a collaborator of YDKJS, Chinese community leader. Rich experience in ToB/ToG/informationization/cross-end/big data/visualization and other fields.

What I'm Doing

  • PM

    Understand market demand, plan and promote the design, development and optimization of products to meet user needs and achieve business goals.

  • Senior Front-End Developer

    Proficient in almost all mainstream front-end/terminal technologies, with architecture and organization capabilities.

  • Back-End Developer

    Familiar with mainstream databases and software design. Proficient in languages such as Node.js, Go, and Python.

  • Indie Developer

    Independently design, write, test and release applications, and be responsible for product marketing, user support and continuous optimization and updates.



  • NavInfo Co., Ltd. (1000-9999)

    2021-2024 - Project/FE Team Leader

    Responsible for the project management/refactoring of cloud and informatization related products, and related work of the front-end development team. Responsible for the team’s product planning and technical research, development, automated DevOps, technology selection/sharing, technology stack planning, etc. Also served as the head of the company’s open source front-end infrastructure team (NI Web Infra Team).

  • Keepsoft Co., Ltd. (500-999)

    2019-2021 - Full-stack Engineer

    Responsible for the development of the company’s model cloud cross-platform client. The product is a desktop application developed based on Electron, which meets the one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional hydrological/pipe network simulation. At the same time, Go Lang is used to implement the big data processing part.

  • GUOXINDA Group (500-999)

    2018-2019 - Front-End Developer

    Responsible for the development of real estate big data system. Through the docking with GIS, the visualization and analysis of real estate big data are realized.

  • Neusoft Corporation (10000+)

    2016-2018 - Front-End Developer

    Responsible for the development of the company’s medical information system. 0 framework front-end technology implementation (e.q. jquery), while ensuring compatibility with IE 6+ browsers.

Project Experience

  • Operations Monitoring Platform

    Role: Project/FE Team Leader

    TypeScript Nuxt 3 Vue.js 3 Three.js AI/TensorFlow.js Element Plus Vite Docker

    Provide full-link observability support for the company's cloud platform, including CMDB, operation and maintenance, monitoring, BI, 3D visualization and other major modules. Combine with internal IAM/CMP to realize resource management based on RBAC privilege design. With automation, integration, built-in best practices, and hybrid functionality, it realizes unified management of resources. And combine with AI to further improve user experience.

  • Cloud Management Platform

    Role: Project/FE Team Leader

    Vue.js 2 WebAssembly Element UI Webpack

    Provide unified management of cloud resources for internal cloud and public cloud, and realize the provisioning and management of multi-cloud resources. Including but not limited to host, network, storage, RDS, metering and billing modules. Through the unified management of infrastructure resources and data resources in the enterprise cloud architecture system, it provides an integrated solution for the unified operation and management of resources among enterprise parts. The integrated management of cloud architecture system management and sustainability, etc., helps to optimize the cloud architecture system continuously.

  • Informatization

    Role: Project/FE Team Leader

    TypeScript Vue.js 2/3 Uni App Taro Low Code React Webpack Vite Docker

    Provide internal informatization support for the company, including but not limited to DevOps, AD domain management platform, grade, post office, shuttle bus, canteen, invoicing and other applications. Cooperate with Flybook to realize the unified management of internal informatization and improve the efficiency of internal informatization.

  • Model Cloud/Modeling Tools

    Role: Full-stack Engineer

    Electron Vue.js 2 Three.js Node.js Go Lang Webpack

    Based on the principles of hydrology, hydrodynamics, ecological dynamics, etc., it creates GRMS water cycle simulation algorithm library. Combined with cloud computing GPU acceleration and other technologies, it enriches and expands the algorithm functions to provide intelligent core engines for water affairs, water conservancy, environmental protection and other business scenarios. Based on GIS technology and 2D-3D visualization technology, it provides functions such as data processing, model building, result display and analysis.

  • Multiple local tax platforms

    Role: Front End Architecture Design/Development

    React Ant Design ArcGIS Webpack

    Provided GIS-based land tax/real estate management for Qingdao, Qitaihe, Harbin and other local tax bureaus/military districts.

  • Harbin Medical Management System

    Role: Front End Development

    IE Angular jQuery JSP

    Collect, store, process, extract, transmit, summarize, and process various information generated at various stages of medical activities to provide comprehensive automated management and various services for the overall operation of the hospital.

  • Open Source Projects/Indie Developers

    Role: Development/Operations/Design

    Open Source GitHub

    Participate in community project contribution and maintenance. There are technical projects: Element Plus/Ant Design Vue and documentation projects: MDN/YDKJS. He is also a collaborator of YDKJS, Chinese community leader, and his personal project (open-rec) was recommended by Ruan Yifeng.

My Skills

  • PM

  • Office

  • AI

  • DevOps

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • Go

  • Python

  • Vue.js

  • Node.js

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • GitLab

  • Photoshop

  • Vite

  • webpack

  • Docker

  • Database

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